ABOUT US - M/s BANNERS was promoted by M/s Jagadish & Associates Impex [P] Ltd. and is now a successfull independant organisation.

PRODUCTS - (Stringed Musical Instruments) - We manufacture for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass from high-class timber such as Ebony, Rosewood, Boxwood and Tamarind in the time-honoured tradition and styled by finest craftsmen in woodwork, who has over a period developed their skills from their predecessors through sheer practice and are now qualified craftsmen, capable of producing the best stringed instrument accessories.

Violin Pegs

These stringed instrument accessories are essentially constructed by one or more persons from the initial conception to the final set-up. Instrument making has remained unchanged. Luthiers today, working by hand use the same kind of tools and varnishes as their old masters.

Violin Tail Peice

At our workshop, our luthiers understand that the needs and priorities of musicians may change with time. Long term relationships are our ultimate goal and consequently, we act in a spirit of accommodation with regard to change in style, perfection, etc., to suit the convenience of the musicians. We are open in our endeavours to learn and improve upon our expertise and would like to continuously up-grade ourselves, to be India’s one stop shop for stringed musical instrument accessories.

Violin Chin Rest

Violin accessories manufactured by us are as follows :

Violin / Viola / Cello pegs Carved Violin / Viola / Cello Tailpieces Tail Gaurd
Violin / Viola / Cello tailpieces Violin / Viola / Cello / Bass Endpins String Adjuster
Violin / Viola / Cello chinrests All Violin / Viola / Cello Hardware Items Mute, nut & saddle
Violin / Viola / Cello finger boards Rosin Box / Frog for Bow Guiter Bridge
Carved Violin / Viola / Cello pegs All hardware items Guiter Bridge Pins

Member of NAMM ( National Association of Music Merchants ), U.S.A.

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